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When the Anderson factory started manufacturing the Singer 301 it did not include any suffix on the Model Tag.

This created confusion to where the 301 was actually manufactured and beginning in January 1953 the Model Tag Number now included the suffix "A" to denote it was manufactured at the Anderson, South Carolina, hence the Singer 301A.

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This still seemed to confuse owners because it would show the allotted quantity and allotted date for each model.NA-1951 With the help of so many owners of the Singer 301/301A I was able to come up with a very accurate "Year of Issue" by making a "Database of Serial Numbers" that I collected over the years.I also used specific events, assorted reference materials, original owner purchase receipts and instruction manual revised dates.After the last Singer Model 503A sewing machine was manufactured in 1963 the Anderson plant stayed open for many years with 3 manufacturing lines: Sewing Machines, Floor-care products (vacuum cleaners) and Power Tools.The "Athena" electronic sewing machine was also made at Anderson.

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